Thermomat: Automatic vacuum reactors with cooling sleeve, totally versatile

Due to the great operating versatility of their meat macerating system, the automatic vacuum reactors THERMOMAT improve the quality and final yield of all manufactured meat products, regardless of the type of meat used. Excellent performance of the latest technological developments in cooked meat processing, such as cook-in bag system using whole muscles, whole phosphate-free ham, roast-beef, pastrami, poultry products, etc.

  • Controlled and precise maturation process
  • Reduction of the cooking loss
  • Adjustable programs for tumbling/massaging action
  • Diverse programmable macerating cycles
  • Automatic balancing cycles
  • Vacuum circuit with no bottlenecks
  • Maximum tilting of the drum for a quick unloading
  • Improved injection diffusion/cullular absorption
  • Extract the myofribrillar proteins, without morphonological destruction

Thermomat 3x

The THERMOMAT 3X automatic vacuum reactor is provided with a meat massaging system of great operational versatility, which allows you to obtain higher quality and greater final yield in any type of processed meat, regardless of the animal species. Contact a Nu-Meat sales consultant for sizing & production info.

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