Great advantages in defrosting with Metalquimia’s equipment and technology


D-ICER: High performance multi-stage meat block defrosting. Smart thermal control and reduced processing time. D-ICER Technology provides the meat processor with a considerable reduction in defrosting times, less floor space required, options for modular growth, as well as improved yields. The exclusive D-ICER defrosting technology for Multi-Stage Defrosting of whole muscle or minced meat products combines full control of the thermal heating and cooling cycles, the vacuum phases and types of movement of the meat, with a very fast and uniform final cooling, guaranteeing that the thawed raw material obtained will be of top quality (highly recommended for injection processes) and maximum food safety, which greatly improves the Value Chain of said process.

Main Features

  • Total 4.0 connectivity: the defrosting of the future.
  • Very gentle massage: thawed product of the highest quality.
  • Unmatched process performance.
  • Smart thermal control and less processing time.
  • Less space required
  • Fully electric drive system and technological simplicity of all components for maximum operability and minimum maintenance.
  • On-line control of meat maturation temperature.
  • Automatic built-in heating / cooling control unit.
  • Automatic vacuum level control.
  • Loading with optional feeder belt.
  • Mirror polished interior finish for maximum ease of cleaning.
  • The exclusive system of maximum drum tilt facilitates fast unloading, indispensable for obtaining a product without foam.
  • Programmable massaging and tilting cycles for each type of product with total control of process parameters and assisted maintenance.
D Icer


The frozen blocks are deposited on the infeed belt, either manually or by means of a feeder belt. This infeed belt is equipped with a system for dosing the entry of the blocks, one by one, in the pressing zone. By means of mechanical stops, the blocks are perfectly positioned and secured in the pressing zone. Two hydraulic cylinders press the frozen block, first vertically and then laterally, to fragment the block into the different muscles it is made up of. The system allows you to choose to work with both cylinders or just one of them. The two stops lower to unload the separated muscles on to the output belt, then return to their original position to receive the next block.

Metalquimia D Breaker