The LASKA cutter technology is based on practical research and development work as well as long years of experience. Combined with other machines, the LASKA cutter is suitable for processing both large quantities and smaller batches. Fresh meat and pre-chopped frozen meat can be processed, and rind emulsions can be produced without any difficulty.

The cutting effect of the LASKA cutter has been continuously improved in the past few years by optimizing speed, the shape of the knives and the cutting chamber. This has had a special impact on the stability of the sausage meat, on machine cleaning and on cutting set maintenance. Featuring high cutting rates and a special cutting geometry, the LASKA cutter ensures a consistently smooth and cohesive product in a short time.

Laska Bowl Cutters
Volume Cutter Bowl
Appropriate Product
65 I
Laska K 65
130 I
Laska K 130
200 I
Laska K 200
330 I
Laska K 330
500 I
Laska K 500
750 I
Laska K 750

KU Bowl Cutters

Product Overview

Available volume cutter bowls: 65 I (KU65), 130 I (KU130), 200 I (KU200), 330 I (KU330), 500 I (KU500)

Technique and Benefits

  • Sealing keeps area between bowl and vacuum jacket free from product residues
  • Base plate prevents soiling of the machine interior
  • Knife hood swinging open wide, therefore best accessibility for knife change and cleaning
  • Higher rim of cutter bowl minimizes product leakage
  • Polished surfaces for highest possible hygienic standard
  • Safety equipment for optimum working safety
  • High hourly output
  • Excellent cutting quality
  • Infinitely variable knife shaft speed and bowl speed
  • Synchronous running of knife speed and bowl speed additionally possible
  • Mixing cycle in reverse for gentle mixing in
  • Easily exchangeable knives
  • Low-wear special sealing
  • Central lubricating point - microprocessor-controlled automatic lubrication request
  • Minimum maintenance required due to field-tested machine concept
  • Easiliy accessible inspection doors
  • Worldwide service network and competent advice
  • Compact and space-saving design with integral control box (optionally also external)
  • Cutter bowl with reliable true running accuracy and large diameter of the slewing ring bearing (min. 650 mm)
  • Bowl gear motor with soft start and automatic switching down
  • No bending stres on knife shaft, since the bearing is located exactly in the axis of the belt force
  • Long service life
  • Attractive, elegant design
  • Economical LED interior light
  • Low current consumption due to state-of-the-art drive and control technology
  • Programmable logic controller with microprocesors
  • Temperature display
  • Easy handling and user-friendly, robust operating elements
  • Control panel with membrane keyboard and plain text display - with touch screen on request
  • Infinitely variable ejector speed for perfect unloading
  • 4 (optionally up to 8) infinitely variable and freely selectrable speeds of the knife shaft for perfect product adaptation
  • Large and easily accessible feed opening

Laska Ku130 Bowl Cutter