Products: Trenn-Fix

Heinrich GmbH was founded in 1984 by the couple Wolfgang and Martha Greiner. It was their aim to bring economic solutions onto the market by means of creative ideas and a different perspective.

So, in the course of the years, an independent and innovative machine program has been developed which is unique on the international market of the meat processing industry until today. The main focus of Heinrich devices, machines and systems is primarily on the sausage sector.

The superiority of Heinrich products results from their ingenious functionality, easy operation, combined with reduced workload, the advantageous conception and easy cleaning.

Each of the innovations guarantees the user profitable work and better quality of work, which brings Heinrich GmbH Nürtingen the recognition of the international trade press.

So it is not surprising that from this machine program resulted an ideal team of assistant devices for the sausage industry. The “assistants” are patented and only produced by Heinrich GmbH in Nürtingen.

Heinrich Gmbh