We design and build smokehouses with features that greatly improve cooking results, times and yields. To accomplish this, we are meticulous about reducing turbulence and maintaining laminar airflow. Our smokehouses were the first to employ tapered walls at the floor level. This feature facilitates better circulation at the bottom of the oven. Alternating dampers are aerodynamically designed to provide smooth airflow, resulting in more efficient use of motor horsepower and better air circulation in the cook chamber. In addition, alternating dampers are adjustable and programmable to ensure proper formation of the “breakpoint” in the smokehouse.

Friedrich Smokehouse Ext

Details, Features and Benefits

  • Available in capacities ranging from 500 to 16,000 lbs.
  • Units can be configured for flow through of products or for single door loading/unloading
  • All stainless steel construction, including structure
  • Adjustable alternating dampers and tapered walls
  • Product Inspection Door—A 12 x 12 inspection door allows operators to check product without opening the main smokehouse door
  • In-duct cleaning piping
  • Product shower
  • Door lock release- Prevents accidental lock-ins
  • Special configurations for export
  • Advanced control systems