Nu-Meat Technology

The Metalquimia Auvistick Plus is the newest in a series of high efficiency spray marinating systems. The Auvistick 260 Plus is capable of injecting bone-in or boneless products with 1820 injection points which result in spectacular brine distribution with minimal dripping loss.

The system is capable of extremely low standard deviations due to its new injection head and brine delivery system. This system utilizes a removable injection head which can be cleaned & sanitized off the machine, as well as maintained off the machine. It is also possible to have a spare manifold insert, further reducing the need to do rebuilds on the machine.


1. Hygiene

a. Easily removable Intralox conveyor for daily cleaning

b. Machine construction based on AMI standards

c. Components raised off of flat surfaces with stand-off’s

d. Easily disassembled & re-assembled for cleaning & sanitation

e. Removable brine manifold

2. Use

a. Up to 50 Automatic programs via an Allen Bradley PLC

b. English or Spanish text

c. Programs are password protected, operators can only make temporary changes or select different programs

d. Easy to use and operate

e. Automatic brine filtering

f. Monitoring of brine temperature

3. Maintenance

a. The PLC tracks & reminds maintenance personnel when certain maintenance tasks are due

b. Easy to troubleshoot via Allen Bradley PLC

c. “Off the shelf” electrical components

d. Factory trained service technicians strategically located, closest being located in Kansas City and Minneapolis

e. Large parts inventory, being shipped from New Jersey

4. Injection

a. Injection via contact method

b. Forced injection, down, up or both

5. Operation

a. Low cost of ownership

b. Low utility costs