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Inox-Fer Brine Mixers for a completely homogeneous brine

Brine production is an essential step to distinguish and add value to the product from the competition. It is a solution basically composed by water, salt and various flavourings depends on the recipe and the taste to impress on the preserved product. It is used in the meat industry to flavour and increase the yield of the product, in the canning industry with the name of preserving liquid and in the dairy industry as saturated brine to be applied to soft cheeses.

Considering as a solution to preserve, in fact it is an essential component for the success and customization of the food product. For this reason, the preparation of the brine has a strategic importance in terms of quality, final price and product conservation. This pushes companies to invest in research of new recipes and mixers to give a real added value to the preparation of brine. Achieving perfect dissolution is more difficult than it might seem. The extensive personalization, the various problems related to the difference in solubility and the specific weight of the ingredients are all variables to consider.

In the design of mixers Inox-Fer divides brine in 2 macro categories.

Simple Brine

Simple brine consists of water, salt and other ingredients such as sugar and spices. For this type of brine, the ideal dissolution system is the Venturi, where the water flows through a restricted area creating the necessary suction so that the ingredients can be slowly but effectively dissolved.

Thick Brine

With the addition of other ingredients such as protein isolates or starches the brine become heavier. The formation of lumps and no perfect dissolution can be real problems for this type of brines. To avoid these troubles other kind of dissolution system is desired. TMV Triblender brine mixer can manage thick brines even in large quantities. By using this type of brine mixer the problem of lump formation is eliminated as well as the deposit of granular ingredients on the filters of subsequent processing. This dissolution system, designed by us, is characterized by greater power than Venturi and a faster and more effective dissolution principle for thick brines. The vertical suction from the hopper directly on the pump inlet and the tangential liquid suction causes powder and liquid to come into contact directly in the mixing chamber. At this point the solution is pushed by centrifugal force through a special filter which has the purpose of micronizing the product. Since the breaking up takes place in the pump’s chamber, further in-line powder mixers or additional tools are not generally required.

In both cases, a perfect homogeneity of the brine is guaranteed combined with a simplicity of use of the machine which makes it ideal for the preparation of the brine.