Nu-Meat Technology 

The Benefits of Inotec Emulsifiers Distributed by Nu-Meat Technology: 

Inotec emulsifiers provide much better control of the cutting surface vs the competitors.

Inotec units operate with constant contact between the knives and hole plates. An automatic adjustment consistently applies the proper pressure/ cutting sequence which results in high quality emulsion, day in and day out. The fineness of the cut is clearly evident in better particle definition, visible in the emulsified product.

Most other emulsifiers, especially those that tighten the knives on the plate via a screw & nut with a tensioning spring, rely solely on the operators whim to deliver a consistent cut.

All Inotec units are equipped with a three or four-stage cutting set vs two. Resulting in finer particle definition, which translates to better fat and water binding.

Automatic compensation of insert knife wear as well as hole plate wear.

Always constant cutting position. Automatically adjusted via servo motor - same cutting position every hour/day for the life of the knife/plate set.

• Consistent cut until knife inserts are worn. Knife wear is visible on the machine display screen, so operator will know when to change the inserts.

Less consumption of hole plates and wearing of the inserts.

Carbon motor shaft sealing with oil lubrication only has to be changed approximately once a year

Motor bearings are maintenance free. Heated bearings protect against condensate water.

The cutting system consists of the following components:

Inotec Emulsifier Onesheet

• Three or four knife holders (3- or more wings per holder) with exchangeable insert knives

• Up to 4 hole plates (hole diameter according to the required product fineness)

• Ceramic cutting sets available (hole plates & knife inserts)

• Various expeller designs