Cutting Technology


Inotec Wt Linkcutter Ebook 2013

INOTEC separators were developed for the separation of products filled into casings (natural, collagen or artificial casings) and linked by torsions or by clips. The main application is for all kind of sausage products. But also for dairy products, soups or pastes which are filled in plastic casings the Inotec separators are doing an exact cutting job while the product can also be counted and grouped.

Inotec Wt Linkcutter Ebook 20131

Inotec Wt Linkcutter Ebook 20132

A programmable cutting mode allows the cutting of individuals but also chains of a free defined number of products can be cutted. A constant cutting function can cut endless sausages in defined lengths.

WT 99 S – the universal single lane link cutter. The highest precision level merged with speed to cut your fresh, cooked, smoked and raw products. With an optional data link in order to work in line with fillers or packaging lines. An unique modular top plate system grants an outstanding flexibility for any product.

WT 99 DS - the INOTEC double cutting machine with double knife and counterknife for the elimination of the twists ( 3-10 mm) and with the corresponding top plates suitable for exact cutting of extremely short cocktail sausages (length from approx. 25 mm)

With the WT 99 TWIN Inotec has created a unique high performance sausage cutting machine (which cuts even in between double clips). The WT 99 TWIN has two independent cutting lanes. The sausage transport system is servo driven and has for each lane an optical sausage detection system and a three wings knife. The knives are independently driven by two high speed servo motors. An automatic and programmable caliber adjustment puts the sausage transport system to the required caliber just by pushing a button. The WT 99 TWIN is designed for highest cutting performance: Compared with the WT 99 S one operator can cut the double quantity of sausages.

Inotec WT 97SH separators for curved sausages are specially designed for curved sausage products in natural, collagen and artificial casings. Only the circular product guiding allows the separation of curved products. A special knife together with the WT 97SH permits at certain product types the simultaneous cutting and declipping of single clips.