V-K Loading system

While our loading system, type V-G-E has been successfully put into operation at several customers, the team of Singer & Sohn has worked diligently on another generation of loaders and combined the well established singularizer with a specially designed fl ap system. The result was the loading system, type V-K, which convinced in the test phase and could be installed successfully by an Austrian customer. An optimal solution for products in tubular bags was found. The small sausages are filled in large quantities into the bunker, singularized and orderly transported one by one out of the machine by a conveyor belt. In the next step, the products are counted in a 2-fl ap system and the desired quantity is loaded directly into the horizontal tubular bag machine. Built-in sensors provide a continuous filling process.

Technical data:

  • Length: approx. 3000 mm
  • Components: singularizer, loading belt, portioning unit
  • Output: approx. 300 - 400 sausages/min
Loading System Type Vk Sm