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V-G-E Loading System

The Singer & Sohn V-G-E loading system is designed for lining sausages up side-by-side then grouping and placing into trays. The Singer & Sohn loading system, type V-G-E has been developed to deposit various products into the packaging. The product (e.g. sausages) is singularized, then grouped in a pre-set quantity and deposited into the packaging machine at the end. So, the specialist in conveyor technology and engineering has developed a specified solution in hygienic design for packing products at high speed and high cycles. It goes without saying that the complete system fully complies with the applicable hygienic rules and is therefore optimally appropriated for the use in the food industry.

How It Works

Product infeed is done manually in large quantities. At first, the products are singularized and orderly positioned on a transport belt. Also, sensitive products can be handled without affecting quality or appearance. In the next step, the products are grouped in the required quantity and then provided to the robot unit on another conveyor belt. Of course, the delta robot unit is out of stainless steel, as well as all other parts of the system. It deposits the product exactly into the packaging. The robot unit’s picker has been developed for this purpose and stands out by its holding power – also at high cycles. The format and the number of items per package can be preset individually. The complete Loading system is equipped with a switch and control system and can be operated via a user-friendly touch panel. By allowing short-term modifications or product changes, the set-up and waiting times can be reduced enormously.

Technical Data:

  • Output: up to appr. 600 sausages per minute
  • Product measurements: Length up to appr. 200 mm, diameter appr. 20 – 32 mm
  • Protection class: up to IP69k, appropriated for cleaning with high-pressure cleaner, up to 28 bar
  • Ultimate load robot: up to 5 kg
  • Range robot: diameter appr. 1100 mm