SP-100 Separator

Durability and cost-savings are two important issues in the food industry. With this in mind, the Separator Type SP-100 was developed. Sausage meat that would otherwise be thrown away is reused, making this machine a must have in any facility trying to keep costs down. Sausages that do not meet quality standards are taken out of the line and put in the separator. The separator cleanly removes the meat from the casing, the meat is then put directly back into the stuffer. To make this possible the Separator and components have been manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards. Every part of the SP-100 has been designed for easy clean-up making for an impeccably clean and hygienic workspace.

The Separation Process

The separator type SP-100 has been designed for the continuous pressing and separation of sausage meat from the casing. Fresh sausages are put into the funnel, they then fall onto a crushing belt. The belt presses the sausages against a perforated drum. The drum punctures the casing and the meat is pushed through holes in the drum. Inside the drum, a scraper guides the sausage meat out of the drum into a provided container. The casing remains on the outside of the drum and is removed by a wiper. Using this process minimizes the possibility of small pieces of the casing ending up in the meat because there is no damage to the casings structure. By using drums with varying perforations different kinds of casings and intestine or sausage meat can be processed.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased yield
  • Reduced waste
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Multiple implementations
  • Easy cleaning

Technical Data

  • Machine capacity: Max. 100 kg/h depending on product and bore dimensions of perforated drum
  • Power required: 0.55kW
  • Dimensions: Approx. 625mm x 490mm x 590mm (L x W X H)
Ss Separator