Precise placement of sausages in trays

More rapid and more precise. With this new generation of our grouping system a higher performance can be achieved, so that up to 150 sausage pairs per minute can be grouped and deposited onto the trays. The rotary device takes over the sausage pairs from the transfer belt and passes them to the trays according to a pre-set quantity. By its use the product depositing can be effected more accurate. Sausages which are too long are detected by the sensors and run through the system in straight way without being deposited on the trays. Of course this system also meets the highest requirements in cleaning and hygiene and is optimally appropriated for wet cleaning.

How It Works

The grouping system consists of a transfer belt, a rotary device and a cycling belt for provision of the trays. After the portioning and separating process on systems provided by the customer, the sausage pairs are lead to the transfer belt which runs in cross direction to the cycling belt. The rotary device with affixed carriers takes over every single sausage pair and drops it onto the trays located below by using a servo-electrical transfer equipment. In advance, an operating person has applied the trays manually to the cycling belt which cycles forward in the loop of the fi lling machine. The belt is equipped with carriers whose distance conforms to the particular tray size. When the corresponding quantity of sausage pairs has been deposited onto the tray, it can be picked up manually again by an operating person. Each system is designed individually and matched especially to the costumer’s demands. The cycle belt can be equipped with places for providing empty trays or for buffering filled trays according the customer’s wishes.

Technical Information

  • Output: approx. 150 pairs / min. (depending on the product)
  • Design: in stainless steel, robust and buckling resistant construction, appropriated for wet cleaning
  • Transport belt: gear belts; transfer belt with curvature, cycle belt with welded carriers
  • Drives: servo geared motors with thermo sensors
  • Control box: in stainless steel, mounted to the frame

Complementary components:

  • Spraying unit for coating the trays with an anti-coagulant
  • Automatic In-Line-Press for trays
  • External moulding press for rack trolleys
  • Trolleys and trays
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