The MENOZZI High Shear Mixers

The ATOM Mixer has been developed to prepare successfully also the thickest brines, in fact they have found application also in the confectionery for the preparation of creams and other thick and viscous emulsions. The particular pump, that acts as a mixer and as a mill dissolves and atomizes each ingredient making the brine impalpable and transparent.

Atom Mixer


Menozzi Chart4

Plus Features

  • Short mixing times
  • Absence of lumps in the brine obtained, that becomes perfectly homogeneous
  • Improved efficiency for the injection machine
  • The brine is absorbed and distributed into the meat in a better way
  • Once cooked, the color of the meat is always uniform, with no streaks
  • Easy to disassemble for routine maintenance

*Custom sizes available. Contact a Nu-Meat representative for more information.

Menozzi Mm Atom