The Friedrich KBQ-400 combines 60+ years’ experience manufacturing thermal processing equipment for the meat, poultry, and seafood industries with 12+ years’ R&D dedicated to solving the challenges of commercial barbecue production. Its patented and elegantly simple combustion, convection, and temperature controls have tamed the wood fire. This revolutionary pit produces flavors and textures previously requiring an experienced and dedicated pit boss tending a hard-to-master “stickburner.” The Friedrich KBQ-400 delivers these consistent results across multi-shift and multi-location operations, with no dependence on operator skill or technique. Grow your barbecue business, and not your headaches, with a Friedrich KBQ-400 pit.


  • Pure Wood Fire produces the authentic flavors and textures that NG/LPG, pellets, and other fuels cannot match
  • Inverted Flame™ Firebox ensures thin blue smoke is always on tap
  • Smoke Selector™ Dampers tailor the smoke flavor profile to the meat
  • AutoDraft™ controls pit temperature ±1°F
  • Rotisserie cooks 24 briskets, 48 butts, or 72 chickens
  • Convection system reduces cook times by up to 25%
  • 30+ year track record of reliability
  • Mobile Layouts: trailer-ready or trailer-mounted
  • Fixed Layouts: firebox can be remote or alongside/underhood


  • Self-cleaning eliminates an unpleasant, labor-intensive chore
  • Hybrid electric heat for cook & hold and wood/electric functions
  • Emission controls meet stringent environmental requirements